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About Alaska Source Seafood

Providing a sustainable seafood that supports both a healthy marine ecosystem and a healthy community.

I created Alaska Source Seafood in 2020 to bring sustainable wild Alaskan seafood to the Reno/Tahoe/Truckee area. Alaska waters provide some of the best seafood in the world and Alaska fisheries are some of the best managed, most sustainable in the world. Yet I feel there is a growing disconnect between where the fish comes from and how it gets to a family’s dinner table. Even with the new labels of “color added” “farmed vs wild” “product of the USA” folks need and want to know who caught the seafood. And where it came from.

Buying direct from the fisherman can help assure the customer the seafood is 100% wild, from a sustainable fishery and is in fact traceable. Providing a history of how the Halibut or prawns were harvested and by whom bridges the gap of uncertainty many feel about about the seafood they buy. This is a primary mission behind Alaska Source Seafood. Not only to provide a high quality product for local residents to enjoy, but also education for those inquiring individuals who dig a little deeper before they purchase. Sustaining the planet and our community are top priorities.

I was born and raised for most of my childhood in Sitka, Alaska. I started commercial fishing Halibut and Black Cod in 1997 aboard a family owned/operated wood schooner built in 1924. The F/V Arrow was an”old school” fishing vessel and lots of hard work especially for a 20 yr old college kid. Looking back 24 years later the guys I fished with taught me more than just to work hard and not complain about wet boots and not sleeping for 24 hrs. They instilled what it means to help protect the fishery we all participated in. For example taking the extra time to carefully release juvenile Halibut so they can survive can grow up bigger.

Myself and girlfriend at the time (now wife) moved to Incline Village, Nv in 2001. It was a great place to live when I was home from Alaska. Skiing, biking, swimming, small town vibe Tahoe area has it all. Tacy, my wife worked at our local fire department in Incline as a seasonal Wildland firefighter and later got hired to work for the city of Reno as a city firefighter. I still fish in Alaska 4 months a year and work as a ski patroller at Mt. Rose in the winter. We have a 11 yr old daughter, Sady who loves all kinds of seafood. And a 8 yr old son, Boone who only likes halibut. We all love to spend time together outside in our great adventure park we call home.

Alaska Source Seafood is your connection for fresh directly sourced seafood in the Lake Tahoe area.

We cut out the middle man to deliver fresher fish at better prices. Our mobile refrigerated sales van may soon be near you! Availability and locations are subject to change. Check our current schedule for times and locations.